Friday, May 11, 2007


A month or so ago I found a nifty eclipse plugin called TorquEDIT. It was fairly basic, but it had some nice things going for it. I noticed that the code was open source, so I took a look. The code looked fairly well-written, and it looked like it would be relatively easy to add some functionality. So I did. Last night along with kruxgames I released another version that has a ton more functionality than before. This is now the editor I use for making scripts. The code completion really helps, and it serves as a form of documentation, since you can see what methods a particular class has, as well as what parameters the functions take. Right now it's mostly tuned for TGB, although it should work with TGE and TGEA quite nicely too. There's only a few little things that are geared to TGB. Check it out at

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This week I decided to install Ubuntu linux. The only purpose for this was to be able to use the music editor RoseGarden. After a few hours of following tutorials and general mucking around, I finally got it up and running. It's not the easiest thing to setup, but it's not too bad by linux standards. RoseGarden is what I will use for the music in Watcher. I probably won't start on the music for several weeks or months, but I had time to get it all setup now, so I did.

Just a few minutes ago I finished splitting all objects into proper collision groups. So now bombs affect everything they should, bullets affect everything they should, etc. The bombs also behave more like bombs... before if the bomb hit anything in its path (before it landed) it would still blow it up. Now the bomb lands, and blows up anything it's touching. Nothing eye-popping this week in Watcher, but TorquEDIT is pretty sweet.


Aeridus said...

Any chance I could see the source for this plugin? I'd love to expand on it since you don't seem to have touched it in 3 years. I really like Eclipse for its ease of development. A lot of otehr editors I tried for TorqueScript just don't allow for stuff like code completion.

J. Alan Atherton said...

Sure, just give me your email address and I'll send it to you as soon as I find it in the archives.