Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bulwark on hold, new project

Bulwark is now on a mostly permanent hold.  As I progressed in the implementation and design, I realized that all of the art assets would just take too long.  I did make a little more progress from the last time I posted, but not much.  Someday I may go back and work on it, perhaps if I make art assets for another game that I can drop in.

Anyway, in the meantime, I got the Torque 2D engine (TGB) when it was first released and have been dabbling with it.  I've made a few dumb little things, like a laser chess variant, part of a weird mouse cursor game (that seemed cool at first, but I got bored with it), and various little test things.

My latest project is getting a lot more love... it's about a month old now, and it's coming along quite well.  The first working title was Constructor, but now I've decided to re-title it as Watcher.  That's also a working title.  So... you probably want to know what it's about, huh?  Well, the post after this will have all that info.  If it's not there yet, check back in a little bit.

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