Friday, June 03, 2011

HD attempt and better controls


  • HD is too slow for now
  • Repulsion control is lots more fun

A few days ago I converted the main resolution of the app to full HD on the playbook (1024x600), because the appworld version (1.0.1) is upscaling half that resolution (512x300).  I did this because I wasn't sure how smooth it would run on the actual device, and I'm glad I did, because at half resolution it runs at about 20fps.

Last night I tried running at full HD resolution, with the exception of the processor-hungry water ripple effect still at half rez.  Even with that, the framerate dropped to about 8fps.  Unplayable.  Rats.
So I'll have to wait until BlackBerry improves the performance of flash before I can really give HD.  I think the game still looks great without HD, and I'd definitely much rather play it with a higher framerate.

The other thing I tried last night was an improved control mechanic.  Version 1.0.1 uses only the water ripples to move the boat around.  I wanted it to be this way, but it ends up being too hard to control and just frustrating.  It was a good experiment, but it's just a poor way to control.

So version 1.0.2 adds a repulsion mechanic, so wherever you touch the tablet, the boat goes away from that point, sort of like if you were to blow air at that spot.  You still make waves, and the waves still affect the boat, but now the control is a lot more responsive and predictable.

Coming up next: multi-touch support, help page, movable leaves, multiple boats,
Coming up after-next: levels, intelligent enemies, online high scores, achievements, (maybe) upgrades.

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