Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Bulwark update

Bulwark is still moving slowly. It has been almost standing still for the past couple of months, but it is getting to be playable. You can build walls, place cannons (only in secured areas), then fire cannons one at a time. This is all done in timed rounds (building round, place cannons round, attack round). The attack round has static enemies that spawn during the building round and attack your walls in the attack round. John Seguin has made one sweet music track for the building round... done in surf rock style. I'll eventually put some links to his site, since I'm impressed with his ability to compose music in such a variety of styles.

The next step is probably to work on the enemies to make them move and give them different abilities. Networking is also in a bad state... I have not got that working fully just yet. It has worked on my local machine by starting up a dedicated server, but it doesn't show up on the GarageGames master server. It may have something to do with the campus firewall and such.

My summer hasn't officially started yet, since I'm working full time and taking a class, but class is finished next week and I'll have a few more hours per day to do other things. I graduated with my BS in Computer Science and have already started the MS program at the same place... Brigham Young University. I'm working in an AI-centric lab with robots and stuff. It's a fun place to do research. That's all just to let you know that I'm not twiddling my thumbs all day, but have other things going on. Gamedev is just a hobby for me!

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